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Accommodations - Finding

Dove posso trovare ___?
Where can I find ___?
Asking for directions to accommodation
... una camera in affitto?
... a room to rent?
Type of accommodation
... un ostello?
... a hostel?
Type of accommodation
... un albergo?
... a hotel?
Type of accommodation
... un bed and breakfast?
... a bed and breakfast?
Type of accommodation
... un campeggio?
... a camping site?
Type of accommodation
Che prezzi hanno là?
What are the prices like there?
Enquiring about the prices

Accommodations - Booking

Avete camere libere?
Do you have any rooms available?
Asking if the accommodation has spare rooms
Quanto costa una camera per ___ persone?
How much is a room for ___ people?
Asking for the price of a room
Vorrei prenotare ___.
I would like to book ___.
Booking a specific room
... una camera doppia.
... a double room.
Room for two people
... una camera singola.
... a single room.
Room for one person
... una camera per ___.
... a room for ___ people.
Room for X people
... una camera non fumatori.
... a non-smoking room.
Room for non-smokers
Vorrei prenotare una camera con ___.
I would like to book a room with ___.
Asking for a room with additional amenities
... un letto matrimoniale.
... a double bed.
bed for two
... letti separati.
... separate beds.
single beds
... un balcone
... a balcony.
... bagno annesso.
... an adjoining bathroom.
Room includes a private bathroom
... vista sul mare.
... an ocean view.
Room includes an ocean view
... un letto in più.
... an extra bed.
Asking for an additional bed in the hotel room
Vorrei prenotare una camera per ___ notte (i)/settimana (e).
I would like to book a room for ___ night(s)/week(s).
Booking a room for a specified period
Avete camere per persone disabili?
Do you have any special rooms for handicapped people?
Asking for a special room for the handicapped
Sono allergico a ___ [polvere/animali impagliati]. Avete camere per chi ha queste allergie?
I am allergic to ____ [dust/furred animals]. Do you have any special rooms available?
Asking for a special room due to allergies
Posso vedere prima la camera?
May I see the room first?
Asking to see the room prior to booking
La colazione è inclusa?
Is breakfast included?
Asking if the price includes breakfast
Gli asciugamani/le lenzuola sono inclusi/e?
Are towels/bed linen included?
Asking if the price includes towels and bed linen
Sono permessi gli animali domestici?
Are pets allowed?
Asking if pets are allowed
Avete un garage/parcheggio?
Do you have a parking garage/lot?
Enquiring where to park your car
Avete armadietti di sicurezza/una cassaforte?
Do you have safety lockers/a safe?
Enquiring where to store your valuables

Accommodations - During your stay

Dov'è la camera numero ___?
Where can I find room number ___?
Asking for directions to a certain room
La chiave per la camera numero ___!
The key for room number___, please!
Asking for your room key
Qualcuno mi ha cercato?
Has anyone asked for me?
Enquiring whether there are any messages for you
Dove posso iscrivermi per le gite?
Where can I sign up for the excursion?
Asking where to make a reservation for an excursion
Dov'è il telefono pubblico?
Where can I make a call?
Asking where the public phone is
Quando servite la colazione?
When is breakfast served?
Asking at what times breakfast is served
Potete svegliarmi domani alle ___?
Please wake me up tomorrow at___.
Requesting a wake up call
Potete chiamare un taxi?
Could you call a taxi, please?
Requesting a taxi
C'è la connessione internet qui?
Can I use the internet here?
Enquiring about the internet connection
Avete qualche ristorante da consigliare qui vicino?
Would you recommend any good restaurants nearby?
Asking for restaurant recommendations
Potete pulire la mia camera?
Would you please clean my room?
Asking for the room to be cleaned
Non voglio che la camera sia pulita ora.
I don't want the room to be cleaned right now.
Asking for the room to be cleaned later
Può portarmi un altro/a cuscino/asciugamano/coperta?
Could you please bring another blanket/pillow/towel?
Asking for additional items
Potete portare questo vestito in lavanderia?
Could you please bring this to the laundry room to be cleaned?
Requesting to clean a specific clothing item of yours
Vorrei lasciare la camera e saldare il conto.
I would like to check out, please.
Informing that you are leaving and would like to pay the bill
Ci siamo trovati molto bene qui.
We really enjoyed our stay here.
Complimenting the hotel while checking out

Accommodations - Complaints

Vorrei un'altra camera.
I would like a different room.
Asking for another room
Il riscaldamento non funziona.
The heating does not work.
Informing about the broken heating
L'aria condizionata non funziona.
The air conditioning does not work.
Informing about the broken air conditioning
La camera è molto rumorosa.
The room is very noisy.
Informing about the loud noises
La camera ha un cattivo odore.
The room smells bad.
Informing about the bad smell
Avevo chiesto una camera non fumatori.
I requested a non-smoking room.
Avevo chiesto una camera con vista.
I requested a room with a view.
La mia chiave non entra nella serratura.
My key does not work.
Informing that your key does not fit
La finestra non si apre.
The window does not open.
Informing that the window does not open
La camera non è stata pulita.
The room has not been cleaned.
Informing that the room is still dirty
Ci sono topi/ratti/insetti in camera.
There are mice / rats / bugs in the room.
Non c'è l'acqua calda.
There is no hot water.
Non ho ricevuto la sveglia telefonica.
I did not receive my wake-up call.
Ci avete fatto pagare troppo.
The bill is overcharged.
Il mio vicino è troppo chiassoso.
My neighbour is too loud.