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Flirting - Conversation

May I join you?
Μπορώ να καθίσω; (Boró na kathíso?)
Asking if you may sit down at someone's table or stand next to him/her by the bar
May I buy you something to drink?
Μπορώ να σας κεράσω κάτι; (Boró na sas keráso káti?)
Asking if you may treat the person to a drink
Do you come here often?
Έρχεσαι συχνά εδώ; (Érhese sihná edó?)
Small talk
So, what do you do for a living?
Λοιπόν, τι επαγγέλλεστε; (Lipón, ti epagéleste?)
Small talk
Do you want to dance?
Θες να χορέψεις; (Thes na horépsis?)
Asking someone to dance with you
Would you like to get some fresh air?
Θέλεις να βγούμε έξω λίγο; (Thélis na vgúme éxo lígo?)
Asking a person if he/she wants to go outside with you
Do you want to go to a different party?
Θες να πας σε άλλο πάρτι; (Thes na pas se állo párti?)
Asking a person to come with you to another location
Let's get out of here!
Φύγαμε! (Fígame!)
Asking a person to leave with you and go somewhere else
My place or yours?
Το σπίτι μου ή το δικό σου; (To spíti mu i to dikó su?)
Asking a person where you will spend the night together
Would you like to watch a movie at my place?
Θες να παρακολουθήσουμε μια ταινία μαζί στο σπίτι μου; (Thes na parakoluthísume mya tenía mazí sto spíti mu?)
Inviting a person to see a movie at your home
Do you have any plans for tonight?
Έχεις σχέδια για απόψε; (Éhis schédia ya apópse?)
Asking for a date indirectly
Would you like to have lunch/dinner with me sometime?
Θες να πάμε για μεσημεριανό / δείπνο μαζί μου κάποια στιγμή; (Thes na páme ya mesimeryanó / dípno mazí mu kápya stigmí?)
Asking for a date
Would you like to go get a coffee?
Θες να πας για καφέ; (Thes na pas ya kafé?)
Asking to spend some time together to get to know each other better
May I walk/drive you home?
Μπορώ να σε συνοδεύσω/οδηγήσω σπίτι σου; (Boró na se sinodéfso/odigíso spíti su?)
Showing interest in not ending the night yet
Would you like to meet again?
Θα ήθελες να ξαναβρεθούμε; (Tha ítheles na xanavrethoúme?)
Asking for another date
Thank you for a lovely evening! Have a great night!
Πέρασα καταπληκτικά μαζί σου! Καλό βράδυ! (Pérasa kataplihtiká mazí su! Kaló vrádi!)
Polite way of ending the night
Would you like to come inside for a coffee?
Θα ήθελες να περάσεις μέσα για καφέ; (Tha ítheles na perásis mésa ya kafé?)
Inviting a person into your home

Flirting - Complimenting

You're gorgeous!
Είσαι πανέμορφος/η! (Íse panémorfos/i!)
Complimenting someone on their looks
You're funny!
Έχεις πλάκα! (Éhis pláka!)
Complimenting someone on their humour
You have beautiful eyes!
Έχεις όμορφα μάτια! (Éhis ómorfa mátya!)
Complimenting someone on their eyes
You're a great dancer!
Είσαι καταπληκτικός/η χορευτής/τρια! (Íse kataplihtikós/i horeftís/tria!)
Complimenting someone on their dancing skills
You look beautiful in that dress/shirt!
Είσαι όμορφος/η σε αυτό το φόρεμα / πουκάμισο! (Íse ómorfos/i se aftó to fórema/pukámiso!)
Complimenting someone on their fashion sense/figure
I have been thinking about you all day!
Σκεφτόμουν για σένα όλη μέρα! (Skeftómun ya séna óli méra!)
Showing that you like the person a lot
It's been really nice talking to you!
Χαρά μου να μιλήσω μαζί σου! (Hará mu na milíso mazí su!)
Complimenting at the end of a conversation

Flirting - Saying No

I'm not interested.
Δεν ενδιαφέρομαι. (Den endiaférome.)
Polite way of declining
Leave me alone.
Άφησε με ήσυχο/η. (Áfise me ísiho/i.)
Straightforward way of declining
Get lost!
Ουστ από εδώ! (Ust apodó!)
Rude way of declining
Don't touch me!
Μην μ 'αγγίζεις! (Min magkízis!)
Saying no when the other person is making physical advancements
Get your hands off me!
Πάρε τα χέρια σου από πάνω μου! (Páre ta hérya su apó páno mu!)
Saying no when the other person is touching you with his/her hands