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General - Essentials

Bonvolu helpi min.
Can you help me, please?
Asking for help
Ĉu vi parolas la anglan?
Do you speak English?
Asking if a person speaks English
Ĉu vi parolas la _[lingvo]_an?
Do you speak _[language]_?
Asking if a person speaks a certain language
Mi ne parolas la _[lingvo]_an.
I don't speak_[language]_.
Clarifying that you don't speak a certain language
Mi ne komprenas.
I don't understand.
Explaining that you don't understand

General - Conversation

Standard greeting
Informal greeting
Bonan matenon!
Good Morning!
Greeting used in the morning
Bonan versperon!
Good Evening!
Greeting used in the evening
Bonan nokton!
Good Night!
Greeting used when leaving in the evening/night or before going to bed
Kiel vi fartas?
How are you?
Polite small talk enquiring about the other person's well-being
Bone, dankon.
Good, thank you.
Polite reply to 'How are you?'
Kiel vi nomiĝas?
What’s your name?
Asking the other person's name
Mia nomo estas ___.
My name is ___.
Telling someone your name
De kie vi estas?
Where are you from?
Asking about someone's origin
Mi estas el___.
I am from___.
Answering about your origin
Kiom vi aĝas?
How old are you?
Asking about someone's age
Mi havas____jarojn.
I am___years old.
Answering about your age
Positive reply
Negative reply
Filler word to add polite touch
Here you go!
Used when giving something to someone
Thank you.
Thanking someone
Multan dankon.
Thank you very much.
Thanking someone very warmly
You're welcome.
Politely replying to a 'thank you'
Mi bedaŭras.
I am sorry.
Apologizing for something
Excuse me.
Getting the attention of someone
Estas bone.
It's OK.
Replying to an apology if you accept it
Ne dankinde.
No problem.
Replying to an apology if you accept it
Watch out!
Making someone aware of a danger
Mi malsatas.
I am hungry.
Used when feeling hungry
Mi soifas.
I am thirsty.
Used when feeling thirsty
Mi lacas.
I am tired.
Used when feeling tired
Mi malsanas.
I am sick.
Used when feeling sick
Mi ne scias.
I don't know.
You don't know the answer to a question
Estis agrable renkonti vin.
It was nice meeting you.
Polite good-bye phrase after first meeting
Saying farewell

General - Complaints

Mi ŝatus plendi.
I would like to make a complaint.
Polite way of starting your complaint
Kie estas la respondeculo ĉi tie?
Who is in charge here?
Finding out who is responsible
Tiu estas plene neakceptebla!
This is totally unacceptable!
Strongly expressing your dissatisfaction
Mi volas rehavi mian monon!
I want my money back!
Asking for a refund
Ni atendis dum pli ol horo.
We have been waiting for over an hour.
Complaining about long waiting times

General - Swearing

Tiu manĝaĵo gustas kiel feko!
This food tastes like crap!
Rude way of showing displeasure with your food
Tiu trinkaĵo gustumas kiel piso!
This drink tastes like piss!
Rude way of showing displeasure with a drink
Tiu estas fekloko!
This place is a shithole!
Rude way of showing displeasure with an establishment
Tiu aŭto estas vrako!
This car is a wreck!
Rude way of showing displeasure with a car
La servo estas aĉa!
The service sucks!
Rude way of showing displeasure with the service
Tiu estas ĉarlatanaĵo!
This is a total rip-off!
Rudely complaining about a high price
Tiu estas feka!
That is bullshit!
Rude way of showing disbelief in something someone said
Vi estas stulta idioto!
You are a stupid moron!
Insulting a person by criticizing his/her intelligence
Vi komprenaĉas nenion ajn!
You don't know shit!
Insulting a person by criticizing his/her knowledge
Diablo manĝu vin!
Piss off!
Rudely telling a person to leave immediately
Ni aranĝu tion ekstere!
Let's settle this outside!
Asking a person to fight outside of an establishment