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Getting Around - Location

I am lost.
Not knowing where you are
Can you show me where it is on the map?
Asking for a specific location on a map
Where can I find___?
Asking for a specific facility
... a bathroom?
... a bank/an exchange office?
... a hotel?
... a gas station?
... a hospital?
... a pharmacy?
... a department store?
... a supermarket?
... the bus stop?
... the subway station?
... a tourist information office?
... an ATM/a cash machine?
How do I get to___?
Asking for directions to a specific place
... the downtown area?
specific place
... the train station?
specific place
... the airport?
specific place
... the police station?
specific place
... the embassy of [country]?
the embassy of a specific country
Can you recommend any good___?
Asking for recommendations of a specific place
... bars?
... cafes?
... restaurants?
... night clubs?
... hotels?
... tourist attractions?
... historic sites?
... museums?

Getting Around - Directions

Turn left.
Giving directions
Turn right.
Giving directions
Go straight ahead.
Giving directions
Go back.
Giving directions
Giving directions
Go towards the___.
Giving directions
Go past the___.
Giving directions
Watch for the___.
Giving directions
Giving directions
Giving directions
Common reference point when giving directions
traffic lights
Common reference point when giving directions
Common reference point when giving directions

Getting Around - Bus/Train

Where can I buy a bus/train ticket?
Asking for a ticket office
I would like to buy a___ to __[location]__ please.
Buying a ticket to a specific location
... single ticket ...
one-way ticket
... return ticket ...
two-way ticket
... first class/second class ticket ...
ticket for the first class/second class
... day pass ...
a ticket you can use the entire day
... weekly pass ...
a ticket you can use for a whole week
... monthly pass ...
a ticket you can use for one month
How much is a ticket to __[location]__ ?
Enquiring about the ticket price to a certain location
I'd like to reserve a seat (by the window).
Reserving a specific seat
Does this bus/train stop at __[location]__ ?
Asking if the bus or train goes to a certain location
How long to get to __[location]__?
When does the bus/train bound for__[location]__ leave?
Asking when a certain bus/train leaves the station
Is this seat taken?
Enquiring whether the seat is still free
That is my seat.
Pointing out that you were already sitting on this seat or have a reservation for this seat

Getting Around - Signs

A store is open
A store is closed
Sign to enter
Sign to leave
Bathroom for men
Bathroom for women
Hotel is full/bathroom is occupied
Hotel rooms available/bathroom is empty

Getting Around - Taxi

Do you know the number to call a taxi?
Asking for the telephone number of the taxi company
I need to go to __[location]__.
Telling the taxi driver where you want to go
How much to go to__[location]__?
Enquiring the taxi fare to a certain location
Can you wait here for a moment?
Asking the taxi driver to wait for you while you run an errand
Follow that car!
Used if you are a secret agent

Getting Around - Car rental

Where is the car rental?
Asking where you can rent a car
I'd like to rent a small car/large car/van.
Specifying what kind of car you want to rent
... for one day/one week.
Specifying for how long you want to rent it
I want full coverage insurance.
Getting the maximum insurance possible
I do not need insurance.
Getting no insurance at all
Should I bring the car back with a full tank?
Asking if you need to fill the car up with gas before returning it
Where is the next gas station?
Asking where you can find the nearest gas station
I would like to include a second driver.
Asking to include another driver to the rental agreement
What is the speed limit in cities/on highways?
Enquiring about the speed limits in the region
The tank is not full.
Complaining that the car is not filled up 100%
The engine makes a strange noise.
Complaining that there is a problem with the engine of the car
The car is damaged.
Complaining that the car is damaged