Turkish | Phrases - Travel | Shopping

Shopping - Basics

Do you have ___?
__in var mı?
Asking for a specific item
Where can I find ___?
Nereden __ bulabilirim?
Asking for the location of a specific item
How much is this?
Bu ne kadar?
Asking for the price of a specific item
Do you have anything that is less expensive?
Daha düşük fiyatlı bir şey var mı?
Asking for a less expensive item
What time do you open/close?
Ne zaman açıyorsunuz/kapatıyorsunuz?
Asking about opening/closing hours
I'm just browsing.
Sadece bakıyorum.
Letting the sales person know that you are just looking and don't need any help at the moment
I'll buy it.
Onu alıcam.
Stating your purchase decision
May I pay with credit card?
Kredi kartıyla ödeyebilir miyim?
Asking if the store accepts credit cards
May I have the receipt, please?
Fiş alabilir miyim lütfen?
Asking for a receipt
May I have a bag, please?
Bir poşet alabilir miyim lütfen?
Asking for a bag
I would like to return this.
Bunu geri vermek istiyorum.
Explaining that you would like to return the item

Shopping - Clothes

May I try this on, please?
Bunu üstümde deniyebilir miyim lütfen?
Asking if you can try a garment on
Where are the changing rooms?
Soyunma odaları nerede?
Asking for the changing rooms
Do you have this in ___?
Bundan __da var mı?
Asking for a specific clothing size
... small?
.. küçük?
Clothing size
... medium?
... orta?
Clothing size
... large?
... geniş?
Clothing size
... extra large?
... extra geniş?
Clothing size
Do you have these shoes in size ___?
Bu ayakkabılardan __ bedende var mı?
Asking for a specific shoe size
It's too small.
O çok küçük.
Stating that the piece of clothing is too small
It's too big.
O çok büyük.
Stating that the piece of clothing is too big
Does this look good on me?
Bu bende güzel duruyor mu?
Asking for an opinion on the looks of the piece of clothing

Shopping - Haggling

I'll give you _[amount]_ for this.
Bunun için size _[miktar]_ vereceğim.
Suggesting a starting price
That's way too expensive!
Bu çok pahalı!
Objecting to a price because it is too high
I saw this for _[amount]_ somewhere else.
Bunu başka bir yerde _[miktar]_e gördüm.
Referring to a cheaper price at another store
_[amount]_ is my final offer!
_[miktar]_ benim son teklifim!
Setting a final offer
Then I'm not interested.
O zaman ilgilenmiyorum.
Showing disinterest
Then I will go somewhere else.
O zaman başka bir yere gideceğim.
Showing disinterest by threatening to leave
I can't afford it!
Ona param yetmez!
Objecting to a price by saying you don't have this amount of money
That's more than I can really afford but I'll take it.
Bu alabileceğimin gerçekten çok üzerinde ama onu alıcam.
Accepting the deal with feigned regret