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Shopping - Basics

Έχετε ___; (Éhete ___?)
Do you have ___?
Asking for a specific item
Πού μπορώ να βρω ___; (Pu boró na vro ___?)
Where can I find ___?
Asking for the location of a specific item
Πόσο κάνει; (Póso káni?)
How much is this?
Asking for the price of a specific item
Έχετε κάτι που είναι λιγότερο ακριβό; (Éhete káti pu íne ligótero akrivó?)
Do you have anything that is less expensive?
Asking for a less expensive item
Τι ώρα ανοίγετε / κλείνετε; (Ti óra anígete / klínete?)
What time do you open/close?
Asking about opening/closing hours
Απλώς κοιτάζω. (Aplós kitázo.)
I'm just browsing.
Letting the sales person know that you are just looking and don't need any help at the moment
Θα το αγοράσω. (Tha to agoráso.)
I'll buy it.
Stating your purchase decision
Μπορώ να πληρώσω με πιστωτική κάρτα; (Boró na pliróso me pistotikí kárta?)
May I pay with credit card?
Asking if the store accepts credit cards
Μπορώ να έχω την απόδειξη, παρακαλώ; (Boró na ého tin apódixi parakaló?)
May I have the receipt, please?
Asking for a receipt
Μπορώ να έχω μια τσάντα, παρακαλώ; (Boró na ého mya tsánda parakaló?)
May I have a bag, please?
Asking for a bag
Θα ήθελα να το επιστρέψω. (Tha íthela na to epistrépso.)
I would like to return this.
Explaining that you would like to return the item

Shopping - Clothes

Μπορώ να το δοκιμάσω, παρακαλώ; (Boró na to dokimáso, parakaló?)
May I try this on, please?
Asking if you can try a garment on
Πού είναι τα δοκιμαστήρια; (Pu íne ta dokimastíria?)
Where are the changing rooms?
Asking for the changing rooms
Το έχετε σε ____; (To éhete se ____?)
Do you have this in ___?
Asking for a specific clothing size
... μικρο; (...mikró?)
... small?
Clothing size
...μεσαίο; (...meséo?)
... medium?
Clothing size
...μεγάλο; (...megálo?)
... large?
Clothing size
...πολύ μεγάλο; (...polí megálo?)
... extra large?
Clothing size
Έχετε αυτά τα παπούτσια σε ___; (Éhete aftá ta papútsia se ___?)
Do you have these shoes in size ___?
Asking for a specific shoe size
Είναι πολύ μικρό. (Íne polí mikró.)
It's too small.
Stating that the piece of clothing is too small
Είναι πολύ μεγάλο. (Íne polí megálo.)
It's too big.
Stating that the piece of clothing is too big
Μου πάει; (Mu pái?)
Does this look good on me?
Asking for an opinion on the looks of the piece of clothing

Shopping - Haggling

Σας δίνω _[ποσό]_για αυτό; (Sas díno _[posó]_ ya aftó? )
I'll give you _[amount]_ for this.
Suggesting a starting price
Αυτό είναι πολύ ακριβό! (Aftó íne polí akrivó!)
That's way too expensive!
Objecting to a price because it is too high
Το είδα αυτό για _[ποσό]_ κάπου αλλού. (To ída aftó ya _[posó]_ kápu allú.)
I saw this for _[amount]_ somewhere else.
Referring to a cheaper price at another store
_[Ποσό]_ είναι η τελική μου προσφορά! (_[Posó]_ íne i telikí mu prosforá!)
_[amount]_ is my final offer!
Setting a final offer
Τότε δεν ενδιαφέρομαι. (Tóte den endiaférome.)
Then I'm not interested.
Showing disinterest
Τότε θα πάω κάπου αλλού. (Tóte tha páo kápu allú.)
Then I will go somewhere else.
Showing disinterest by threatening to leave
δεν έχω την οικονομική δυνατότητα! (Den ého tin ikonomikí dinatótita!)
I can't afford it!
Objecting to a price by saying you don't have this amount of money
Είναι παραπάνω από ότι μπορώ να δώσω αλλά θα το πάρω. (Íne parapáno apó óti boró na dóso allá tha to páro.)
That's more than I can really afford but I'll take it.
Accepting the deal with feigned regret